At X-Sec, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality client care across a wide portfolio of services whilst offering the best possible value for your money.

Corporate Asset Protection :
X-sec will provide your company with a detailed assessment of your corporate security needs and environment, including site protection and risk management. We will draft recommendations for improvements that will enable your company to exist in a safe operational environment, reducing the potential for liability issues.

Risk Assessment:

Assessing your businesses risks is one of the greatest obligations an employer has under Occupational Health & Safety Legislation. Working with X-SEC, your business can learn to identify, assess and control its various risks, in a simple and cost effective manner. Reduce insurance premiums and gain greater control of business risks by taking a proactive approach to risk assessment. 

Risk management:

Strategic Risk Management is the result of consultation, training, risk assessment, the implementation of policy, and the proactive process of re-assessment. X-sec has extensive experience in developing the necessary framework and consultative arrangements required to deliver and foster strategic risk management, ensuring your company complies with its Risk Management obligations and security issues.

Static Security Officers:

X-sec operations management is adept at matching the correct officer to the correct assignment, in order to guarantee an intelligent and appropriate response to client needs. As a direct result of increasing crime and the escalation of litigation incidences, the employment of static security officers has grown noticeably in corporate Australia. Employers and public service providers face growing pressures to ensure a safe environment for employees and the public. All X-sec employees receive on-going training in conflict management and resolution, and human resource issues.

Where assignments dictate the interaction with clients and the public in corporate and retail environments, X-sec Security staff will maintain the public face of your asset and company, exercising the necessary and appropriate skills, such as diplomacy, respect, compassion and assertion, which may be associated with this role.

Close Personal Protection:
X-Sec Close Personal Protection units operate with the intention of guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of our clients in any given situation.

Whether it is for personal escort or group assignment, X-Sec utilises personal protection measures that are carried out in a covert and proactive manner. This ensures that clients do not feel their privacy or quality of life to be affected.

If you have an enquiry regards any type of Close Personal Protection, please contact our Protective Services unit.