At X-Sec, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality client care across a wide portfolio of services whilst offering the best possible value for your money.

The services we offer have been selected to represent the particular expertise of our key partners and internal client base.

Our professionalism and work ethic are matched only by our enthusiasm and diligence.

X-SEC was built on a foundation of:

  • Creativity: We can create solutions that are unconventional but respond to client needs. Our KPI’s are about the new ways we can find to protect your interests, reduce your costs and reduce the potential for escalating management issues to reduce the time you spend managing and growing your asset.

  • Professional Training:  X-SEC employees are selected due to their specialised training and experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on employing career security officers who are committed to their job, with up to date qualifications and knowledge. We pay a higher rate of salary than other employers, and provide a greater and more productive career path to our employees than any other company. By doing this we can hold on to the officers who want to provide the best service to the client possible.
  • Value: We view our relationships with clients very seriously; proactively guaranteeing the protection of client assets and the eradication of liability issues, for generally lower costs. We guarantee that we will not only do the job, but do it better and to the total satisfaction of the client.  

  • Experience: Our experience is broad and has been accumulated across the range of corporate and security facilities. Our employees have worked on sites and assignments across Australia and on projects overseas.